May 23, 2024

The Kotlin Foundation Grants Program Continues in 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second round of the Kotlin Foundation Grants Program. Following the success of last year's initiative, we’re continuing our commitment to support developers who significantly contribute to the Kotlin ecosystem.

This year, the program continues to offer financial awards and recognition to developers within the Kotlin community who maintain active and valuable libraries, tools, and frameworks. Importantly, we do not claim any intellectual property rights or trademarks from the authors we assist, believing that contributors should retain ownership of their work.

To be considered, submitted projects need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Open-Source License — Projects must be available under a permissive open-source license to ensure they remain accessible to everyone and contribute positively to the Kotlin ecosystem.
  • Active Maintenance — Projects should be actively maintained with a consistent development history and contributions.

Submit your grant proposals before June 25, 2024. The Kotlin Foundation's Ecosystem Committee will evaluate submissions based on their potential impact on the Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem, adherence to best practices, and responsiveness to bug reports and security concerns.

If you have any questions or would like further information related to the program, please contact us at or join the discussion in the #kotlin-foundation Slack channel. We look forward to seeing your innovative contributions and supporting your efforts to advance the Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem!

To see the winning projects from last year, check out our previous announcement.

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