July 05, 2023

The Kotlin Foundation Announces Grants Program Winners

The Ecosystem Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the first round of our grant program. The program attracted many talented authors of projects from different areas of the Kotlin ecosystem, resulting in a total of 109 applications!

After a meticulous review process, we are proud to unveil the five lucky winners:

  • Coil – an image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin coroutines.
    The proposal: Implement Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform support and improve features such as network request pooling and caching animated images.
  • Store – a Kotlin Multiplatform library for building network-resilient applications.
    The proposal: Enhance Store5 with MutableStore, fallback mechanisms, memory cache delegation, and expand its reach beyond Android.
  • Http4k – a functional toolkit for Kotlin HTTP applications.
    The proposal: Modularize the library to make it even more lightweight at its core and find the best way to provide multiplatform support.
  • KMP-NativeCoroutines – a library to use Kotlin coroutines from Swift code in KMP apps.
    The proposal: Make the library API stable.
  • Lyricist – an internationalization and localization multiplatform library for Compose.
    The proposal: Decouple the library from Compose, making it possible to use it on any multiplatform project.

These open-source projects stood out to the Ecosystem Committee on account of their quality, proposals, and alignment with our criteria.

Each grant recipient will receive $6,000 to further develop and expand their projects.

We encourage all applicants who did not receive a grant this time to continue developing their projects and watch out for future opportunities. Follow us on our website and social media for updates and the announcement of subsequent rounds of the grant program.

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