February 27, 2024

New Kotlin Foundation President and New Board Member Appointed

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Hadi Hariri as the new President of the Kotlin Foundation. Having been an integral part of the Kotlin community for many years, Hadi's passion for open-source development and deep understanding of developers' needs make him the perfect candidate to drive the Kotlin Foundation forward. With this transition, the Foundation looks forward to embracing new perspectives and reaching new milestones.

In addition to this announcement, the Kotlin Foundation would also like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the former President, Max Shafirov, for his exceptional contribution. Through Max’s strategic direction, the Kotlin Foundation has been able to foster an inclusive and vibrant community of developers, leading to extensive collaboration and continuous innovation within the Kotlin ecosystem.

As the torch passes from Max to Hadi, the Kotlin Foundation is excited about its current momentum and looks forward to an even brighter future. Together, with the support of the Kotlin community, the Foundation endeavors to further enhance Kotlin's reach and impact, empowering developers to create exceptional solutions.

New Board Member

Egor Tolstoy has been appointed as a new board member. Being the Kotlin Project Lead at JetBrains and having led the Kotlin Product Management team before that, Egor's thorough knowledge of the ecosystem and its innovative product vision make him a valuable addition to the Foundation.

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