May 14, 2024

Kotlin Multiplatform Contest Winners Spotlight

The Kotlin Foundation recently hosted the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest for the second year in a row, inviting students and recent graduates to showcase their skills. Participants created applications for Android, iOS, desktop, web, and server, showcasing the versatility of Kotlin Multiplatform. We received submissions from around the world, and a panel of judges selected three winners.

The winners won a trip to KotlinConf’24 in Copenhagen, including tickets, travel, accommodation, and Kotlin swag. All qualifying participants also got some Kotlin souvenirs.

Meet the winners:

Patrycja Bachleda, from the Florida Institute of Technology, USA, is the author of College Advisor. College Advisor provides financial insights about universities and majors, aiding students in making financially savvy decisions. The judges applauded the use of Compose Multiplatform in the project.

Samson Aricha Momanyi, from the Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya, is the author of Organiks. Organiks is a digitizing tool for the agricultural sector in Africa. The project is built for Android and desktop using Ktor for server and Gemini AI. The judges commended the usage of Ktor for server-side, highlighted the compelling storytelling aspect, and appreciated the offline-first approach.

Caleb Asira Etemesi, from Strathmore University, Kenya, is the author of Pixly. Pixly is an image editor built using Compose Multiplatform that works on Windows, Linux, and Android devices. The judges recognized the project's creativity and uniqueness in employing a Rust library as a backend.

Congratulations to Patrycja, Samson, and Caleb! Your mastery of Kotlin Multiplatform has made a significant impact. As we look forward to KotlinConf’24, let's continue exploring and shaping the Kotlin landscape!

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