April 13, 2023

Results of the Kotlin Multiplatform contest: meet the winners

The Kotlin Foundation recently held a Kotlin Multiplatform Contest for all students and recent graduates who love to code in Kotlin. We received a total of 43 submissions from across the world and we were impressed by the creativity of the projects and the skill of the contestants! After careful deliberation, our panel of judges has chosen the top 3 winners out of 19 qualified submissions.

The grand prize winners of the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest are:

Ahmet Burak Ilhan, Istanbul Biruni University, Turkey – DoGoodMobile.

DoGoodMobile is an application designed to help users find and connect with volunteering opportunities. It’s a cross-platform mobile application that works on Android and iOS. The application logic is fully shared using Kotlin Multiplatform, and the UI is implemented using Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.

Brian Kamau Mbigo, Multimedia University of Kenya – VisioZoezi.

VisioZoexi is a fitness application that can detect the correct performance of certain exercises using computer vision. Thanks to Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform, the codebase is unified and works on Android and desktop.

Maciej Procyk, University of Warsaw, Poland – mini-games.

Mini-games is a set of online car games. In this project, Kotlin Multiplatform is used to share code both between clients (Android and desktop) and between client and server.

Ahmet, Brian, and Maciej have each won the grand prize – an all expenses paid trip to KotlinConf’23 in Amsterdam, courtesy of the Kotlin Foundation. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for your amazing submissions!

Also, we would like to thank all of the participants who submitted projects but did not make it into the top 3. Everyone who submitted their projects in accordance with the contest rules got Kotlin merchandise as a token of our appreciation.

We are looking forward to seeing the winners at KotlinConf’23 and everyone else in next year’s Kotlin Multiplatform contest!

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