April 13, 2023

Gradle Inc, Touchlab, and Shopify become Kotlin Foundation's first Silver Members

We are thrilled to announce that Gradle Inc., Touchlab, and Shopify have recently joined the Kotlin Foundation as its first silver members. These companies bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience on how Kotlin is used in production and what the Kotlin ecosystem needs. We are excited to have their collective experience join us in supporting and advancing the Kotlin ecosystem.

Gradle Inc. is the creator of the most widely used build tool for Kotlin and the default build system for Android, Kotlin/Native, and Kotlin Multiplatform, called Gradle Build Tool. The company also provides the leading software solution for improving developer productivity and happiness called Gradle Enterprise and is pioneering the emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering. As a silver member of the Kotlin Foundation, Gradle will help advance the development of the Kotlin ecosystem and promote the use of Kotlin as a tool for education and industry.

“At Gradle, we are dedicated to providing a productivity platform across all build and language ecosystems,” said Hans Dockter, co-founder and CEO of Gradle. “Gradle has been a longtime supporter of the Kotlin community and we’re excited to further our relationship as a member of the Kotlin Foundation.”

Touchlab is a Kotlin Multiplatform solutions company, and as early members of the community began publishing core open-source libraries and advocating for KMP immediately after its announcement. In 2018 Touchlab began providing tools and technology that organizations need to get KMP in production. They directly publish or contribute to a number of critical KMP libraries, have contributed directly to the Kotlin language and ecosystem, and have consulted many organizations adopting the technology. As silver members of the Kotlin foundation, Touchlab will continue to support the developers championing the language and help teams add KMP to production.

"Today’s Kotlin story across server, mobile, and web, is singularly powerful. Tomorrow’s Kotlin story: with Web Assembly, portable UI’s, a vibrant ecosystem, and much more, is not just great for the platform. Kotlin will help shape the future of technology. We at Touchlab are extremely proud and excited to help define that future." said Kevin Galligan, Technical Partner of Touchlab.

Shopify is a global commerce platform that powers millions of businesses in over 170 countries. The company is an early adopter of Kotlin and uses Kotlin Multiplatform at scale for features that have high performance requirements.

"Kotlin Multiplatform is a key part of the mobile tech stack at Shopify. We’re thrilled to help shape its future and further increase our support of the Kotlin ecosystem by joining the Kotlin Foundation." - Mustafa Ali, Head of Core Mobile Engineering, Shopify.

Being part of the Kotlin Foundation gives Gradle, Touchlab, and Shopify the opportunity to support various initiatives, including the Grants program for open-source library authors and the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest for students. The Grants program supports open-source library authors in the Kotlin community, while the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest encourages students to use Kotlin Multiplatform to develop their apps. By supporting these initiatives, our new members can help us accelerate the development of the Kotlin ecosystem and promote the use of Kotlin as a tool for education and industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kotlin Foundation or our initiatives, please visit the Membership page. The Kotlin Foundation is committed to advancing the Kotlin ecosystem, and we are dedicated to working with our members to achieve this goal!

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