February 02, 2024

The Kotlin Foundation Annual Report 2023

We have published our 2023 Annual Report, detailing this year's activities and plans for the Kotlin ecosystem. The report outlines several key initiatives, including the Grants Program, our participation in Google Summer of Code, and the Kotlin Multiplatform Student Contest. These programs have supported the growth of the Kotlin community and contributed to the ecosystem's development.

The report provides a financial overview, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. It also details the individual contributions to the Kotlin Ecosystem from each member, including JetBrains, Google, Gradle, Touchlab, and Shopify.

For more details on our activities in 2023 and our plans for the next year, the full report is available on our website.

For further information about us and our projects, or if your company is interested in joining as a member, please contact us via the #kotlin-foundation Slack channel or email at hello@kotlinfoundation.org.

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